From the local village green to enormous sporting stadiums, cricket is a sport that dominates the English sporting landscape. With the recent addition of T20 cricket to the sport’s catalogue of options, cricket now has more active participants than ever, and it’s easy to see why.

However, in spite of its continuing popularity, not everyone who plays cricket (even at the top level) sees themselves as having a career in the game. Take Zafar Ansari, for example. A promising young spin bowler/ all-rounder for Surrey, only a badly timed injury stopped him going on a full tour with the national team in the winter. Many past England captains such as Atherton, Hussain and Vaughan thought he was the future of the English game. However, aged only 25, he has now given up cricket to focus on one of his other passion, law.

But, in spite of Ansari choosing another option, cricket is still a fantastic choice for any young person. Let’s take a look at why.

1)     Teaching the Basics and Rounding Individuals

Even for children and young people who can’t make a profession in the game, it’s great for teaching the skills that are required in other workplaces, such as:

–        Confidence
–        Team ethic
–        Responsibility

Cricket may be a team game, but when you’re often forced to play elements on your own, meaning it provides the perfect blend of individual responsibility and team-based play. In addition, as a highly skilful game, real dedication is required to the craft. This teaches much needed discipline that will stand you in good stead later in life.

2)     Simple and Low Cost to Take Up

Finding your local team is simple, too. There are so many available that you’re certain to find somewhere that suits your outlook and ability. Likewise, all of the equipment that you require is available cheaply online from retailers like Talent Cricket. This means that you don’t require a significant outlay in case your future career doesn’t work out.

However, don’t buy equipment until you’re a member of a club. They’ll advise you on exactly what you require and will probably have some you can borrow to start with.

3) Money

Finally, successful cricketers who make it to the county level are often handsomely paid. Although it’s certainly true that they do not earn as much money as footballers, a county cricket professional for a good team can expect to earn around £100k.

On the international level, sums are much larger. For example, Ben Stokes was recently contracted to play in the Indian Premier League and was paid £1.7 million for only a couple of months of work.

To conclude, although high profile cricketers have recently left the game, it still remains a fantastic avenue for young people to forge a career. Try it today.