One of the most exciting games that include the largest fanbase around the world is cricket. Cricket fanatics around the world follow the game intensely every step of the way. And thus, exciting them, even more, comes along the Nidahas Trophy, a tournament involving three great Cricket playing nations, organized in Colombo. The tournament is in celebration of 70th year of Sri Lankan Independence and is named accordingly as Nidahas which means Freedom in Sanskrit.

Nidahas Trophy comprises a grand total of 7 matches making each team play against each other twice, Leading to a final. The first match between India and Sri Lanka is on 6th March 2018 and the second match between the same will again take place on 12th March, making space for the India and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and Bangladesh matches in between.

The matches will definitely be exciting as both India and Bangladesh have plenty of reasons to put up a strong fight against India. Also, increasing the team rankings in the ICC charts would be a great motivator, along with the fact that any of the two teams, either India or Sri Lanka will face a defeat at the hands of other in the first match. Since all of the matches are in the T20 format, there is plenty of chance that the Nidahas Cup 2018 Live will attract a considerable audience than any other.

Even the top players from India Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli who have been in a fantastic form are ready to put on a show as best as possible. The Sri Lankan players who have had much practice in their matches with Bangladesh might be able to deliver a superb play, all of which accounts for a wonderful watch for the users.

Also, the entire tournament is available all over the world via live streaming through South Asian Content provider YuppTV. In many of the regions, the matches are available to watch for free. In countries where it is not available for free, there are a few offers that let the users watch it for free. The service possesses a large user base in many countries around the world making the tournament available to many users rather than from a single geography. Since YuppTV is a popular website providing live tv and has a high-performance App, the match will basically be available to the people on their Smartphones, Tablets, and other internet-enabled devices.

So, to watch India vs Sri Lanka 4th T20 Live online, all you need to do is log on to YuppTV website or download the app, Register and Start watching depending on the region that you are living in.