Most of the players who have succeeded in their career of basketball have been found to maintain one thing- taking the coach’s decision on every single move. Your contribution to the team can be best evaluated by your coach, because not only he knows your playing style the best, but also because he’s the one who has seen you grow as a player. However, asking the coach for further improvement also shows how to dedicate you are as a player in doing everything that can help your team succeed.

Being a player who puts the team before his personal goals is what every coach wants to have, believes Bob Mims CPA. As he has been coaching basketball teams for quite a long period, he knows what it takes to let a team succeed. At the end of every season, it is essential for the players and the coaches sit together and assess the areas on which they need to work.

Not everybody in a team can be a scorer, so trying to score points is not every player must look forward to. Both the offense and the defense has its role in the game of basketball, and the responsibility that has been assigned to each of these players must be duly carried. Players who have kept on trying things they are not good at, have found themselves on the bench. So Bob believes that if you’re good at rebounding, make sure you do that much on the court because your team needs you to be there at that right point in time.

There are two categories of players- good ones and laborious ones. Apart from good players, the arduous players are also under the scrutiny of the coaches. So if you’re afraid to get your butt on and keep diving after the loose balls, you might not find your coach’s favor. Moreover, when you come up and take charge, it provides your team a defensive stop. Make sure you do that because it not only increases the ball possession of your team but also allows your opponent team to add on their numbers of fouls.

Hitting the opponent’s psychology is what might give your team an upper hand. And practical strategies will help you get that, believes Bob Mims CPA. The more a player rebounds, the more efficient is the defense of the team. As a result of it, coaches always prefer to have players on their team who doesn’t box out often. Qualities like explicit and extra passing, accurate positioning and sharp intuition of the game have always allowed the players to grow in the game of basketball. Even the coaches have a particular preference for such players. However, that cannot be attained if you do not practice enough on the court. The more time you spend, the better player you become- a simple equation that keeps working out for all the players.