Online game Overview

When We first noticed the cover from the game and also a short explanation and photos from the components, We was instantly intrigued in order to play this. The name seemed appealing too, as Cuba is extremely far from my nation (I reside in Greece) which just increases the exotic as well as mystery atmosphere that the country has already been celebrated. Let’s undergo some basic details about gameplay:

In Santiago de Cuba you’re a broker within the city associated with Santiago, the 2nd largest town of Cuba. Your goal would be to make gain making handles the local people and going to (as well as buying) buildings to be able to gather products and load these phones the boats arriving within the city’s interface. Available products are: sugar stick (whitened) lemon or lime (lemon), cigarettes (eco-friendly), rum (red-colored), lighters (dark) as well as wood. About the game board you will find 12 creating tiles, that are always shuffled when establishing the game after which placed about the appropriate boxes within the outskirts from the city. There will also be 9 Cubans who can help you out and therefore are also shuffled as well as distributed randomly about the 9 boxes in the heart of the online game board. A road runs while watching Cubans inside a loop. An automobile, used through all gamers, will journey through this particular street and it is 10 halts (superstars), one for each one of the Cubans along with a stop in the port (yellow-colored star).

You will find 7 ships which will reach the actual city’s interface one following the other and for every one, the kind and volume of goods this accepts to transport are based on rolling 5 coloured dice as well as choosing 4 of these to put on the deliver. The color from the dice indicates the kind of good and also the number, the amount required. There is really a value marker about the board while watching ship, indicating the quantity of victory points you obtain for every good sent to the deliver (two, 3 or even 4 triumph points). This gun is at first set in order to 2 and for every time the vehicle passes in the port (yellow-colored star) without having stopping presently there the gun is relocated one flag towards the right. However when the marker moves in the value 4 towards the checkered banner, the deliver leaves immediately even though it’s not really full. As soon as a deliver has just about all items packed, it simply leaves the interface and a different one arrives.

At the start of the overall game, buildings as well as Cubans tiles tend to be shuffled and positioned on the panel, each participant chooses the color and also the first player is set. Each participant is worked 3 cash (pesos), 2 triumph points and something sugar stick, one lemon or lime and 1 tobacco. Just about all goods as well as money tend to be hidden at the rear of special participant screens. The vehicle is placed in the port and also the first deliver arrives. The player towards the right from the first participant rolls the actual five dice to look for the ships freight. Each round a person must make use of the car to visit a area moving clockwise through moving as numerous “star” areas they such as. Only the initial step to a brand new place is actually free. For each space beyond the very first one, the ball player must spend 1 peso. By stopping before a Cuban, a person usually obtain goods, cash or triumph points. Then a person immediately visit among the buildings from the color indicated through the flower icon about the Cuban’s tile. Within buildings, players perform certain measures that assist them advance within the game for example exchange various kinds of goods, get triumph points or even load goods towards the ship. By stopping about the yellow celebrity (final stop informed, port) gamers trigger the delivery circular, during that all gamers can provide goods towards the ship. Players obtain victory factors (the precise number is actually indicated through the value gun mentioned previously) with regard to loading the actual ship. Wood can continually be loaded towards the ship rather than any another good however players receive just one victory point for every wood packed. The online game ends whenever all 7 boats leave the actual port. At that time any leftover goods are transformed into victory factors (1 vp for each 3 products) as well as victory factors are measured. The player most abundant in victory factors, is the actual winner.

Very first Impressions

On opening the actual box, I had been impressed using the beautiful artwork from the game panel and tiles. Set up was fairly easy, following a well-written rulebook. Tiles shuffled as well as placed, colours chosen as well as here all of us go. The online game flows sleek and becomes are fairly quick as you will find only two actions that must definitely be made every round as well as choices are very straight ahead. Usually you do not want to maneuver many areas forward using the car as this can cost lots of money and then there’s the range of the building to go to that is determined by the particular needs from the player or can be a strategic choice too. An fascinating aspect is actually that players’ products and cash are concealed behind displays, so one should be alert and attempt to remember exactly what goods another players possess gathered. That’s a big the main game’s technique. The online game has excellent immersion because of excellent art work and online game mechanics. Everything feels a lot like Cuba! It also offers much replayability because of the shuffling associated with tiles from game set up.

I have not played Cuba which has a lot in keeping with Santiago de Cuba (the actual designer and also the artist associated with Santiago also have worked upon Cuba) and so i couldn’t compare both games, but following playing a few games associated with Santiago, I possess a clear impression from the game that we am prepared to reveal to you! Let’s undergo our typical rating groups:


Game components are extremely nice as well as of top quality. The online game board is much like a piece of art, depicting the town and the actual port along with great fine detail. The creating and Cuban tiles tend to be of comparable quality from the design perspective and made from thick cardboard, because are triumph point bridal party, pesos (cash) as well as property guns. Playing items and goods are constructed with wood that feels excellent. All in most, the online game components are that you could hope for and much more. 9/10

Game play:

The heart of each and every game obviously. Gameplay is actually fast and there’s enough room for proper thinking and preparing in advance. Upon determining which Cuban to satisfy, you must create a few considerations like the deal you’ll make together, the buildings that are offered to go to afterwards as well as what stop the following player may choose. You might also need to consider which can be the the majority of profitable structures to grab with Alonso (the actual lawyer) that is also a fascinating aspect from the game. Your storage skills is going to be put on the test along with Santiago because to do well with this game, you have to remember exactly what goods your own opponents possess gathered. That would have been a crucial factor to be able to decide if you wish to stop in the port or even not along with a miscalculation may set you back a couple of victory factors. Just a considered the creating tiles: I think it might be interesting to possess a building tile, employed in the simply opposite way in the Customs Workplace, that is every single child turn the dice of the choice about the ship in order to whatever number you would like (other than 0). The online game seems really balanced within its technicians and there appears to be no obvious strategy that could always result in victory. Shuffling from the tiles from game set up guarantees that each game would have been a completely various one. 8/10

Understanding Curve:

The rulebook is extremely well written in support of 8 webpages long, together with some pictures and good examples. After examining the guidelines and playing the overall game once you’ll feel really comfortable about this and maybe will never need to seek advice from the rulebook once again. 8/10


The theme to be in Cuba and behave as a broker is extremely well backed by stunning artwork in addition to believable technicians. The utilization of the car is really a very clever indisputable fact that contributes towards the theme as well, making points feel much more real. The buildings happen to be well believed, by connecting the buildings’ use by having an appropriate title. For instance, it seems very organic and in-theme to visit the “Bank” building to get 2 pesos or navigate to the “Cigar factory” in order to trade cigarettes for lighters. That is a good design component that improves the feel from the theme within the game. 9/10


Only a repetition right here of that which was mentioned previously. Due in order to shuffling from the Buildings as well as Cubans tiles throughout setup, it is actually guaranteed which no 2 games would be the same. The overall strategy from the game however will remain quite exactly the same, as a few buildings like the Newspaper writer or work and a few Cubans such as Alonso may always stay favorite locations. I don’t believe that’s a minus although, it appears quite reasonable. All in most I think I’ll never end up being bored in order to play this particular game. 8/10


I experienced much enjoyable playing Santiago although there’s no interaction whatsoever between gamers except whenever visiting El Zorro (every player must provide you with 1 triumph point, 1 great or 1 peso). It will likely be fun from points, when taking a chance about every others possessions and certainly enough whimpering is going to be present whenever someone appointments the Paper publisher to create Alonso non-active. Short game play (~40 min’s) won’t tire gamers and makes the overall game easily supply as the filler in between longer video games. A excellent game for the entire family as well! 8/10


Beautiful art work and top quality material

Each game differs as creating and Cuban tiles tend to be shuffled throughout setup

Style is put in place most effectively

Easy to understand but also offers enough level

Fast-paced online game


Absolutely no player conversation

I possess some ideas regarding different capabilities in structures (not just a con)