When we think of online games most of us picture a teenager playing his favorite online battle, but in fact just about every age group enjoys some type of online game at least once in a while. Here’s look at different age groups and what might appeal to them when you’re shopping for online games:

Toddlers need to develop their hand-to-eye coordination and other basic skills, so a matching game is ideal for helping them learn. This is why the “Angry Birds” game is a highlight of many a parent’s tablet: the individual birds teach colors and the child can learn the various repetitive actions of each bird while they play.

Adolescents are usually into sports, and while playing soccer online isn’t the same as playing in person it can still teach. Your child will learn the different moves and skills utilized by the online players and will try to integrate them into her own play on the field.

Teens love role playing games and battles, but they can also enjoy educational games. Here’s a tip: find some word games and give them to both your teens and your parents, and watch the new interaction between generations!

Adults may think their too old and busy for online games, but if you’ve ever had to stand in line or wait an hour for an appointment you’ll appreciate having a game handy on your tablet or phone. If you have kids look for games that involve two or more players and the wait will go much faster.

As mentioned before, grandparents can enjoy games as much as the rest of us, and that’s a good thing: studies show that seniors who keep their mind active have a much lower risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Get grandpa a computer, teach him some basics, and turn him on to the world of gaming!

As you can see, playing online games isn’t always a waste of time. As long as you choose wisely and limit the time allowed online, gaming can be both educational and fun. It can bring families closer, and isn’t that what life is all about?