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Are people making a living from betting on football? Honest answer, if they are then they are keeping it quiet. The truth is they are probably not, but with the right type of investment it is feasible.  Let’s look closer at this. If you place a £10 bet on a sure thing then you’re probably going to win. Say, Manchester united beating Burton Albion, no disrespect to Burton but they’re probably going to get beat at Old Trafford. The fans know this, most non-football fans know this and the bookmakers certainly know this. This is why you’ll not get great odds. So, if you placed that £10 on a United victory you mightmakea profit of about £1. Not bad though if you think about it the right way. After all, it’s a pound you didn’t have before placing the bet.

So, let’s say you had some investment, how about a £100,000 for a year’s worth of betting. How much do you think you could make by the end of the 12 months with that level of investment? Well, if you were to pick out all the bankers in football within that 12 months you could make a nice sum.  Chelsea will probably beat Brighton at home, same for all the big teams, which is why the odds will be low. But, instead of placing the £10 on the sure-fire result, imagine placing £5,000 on it instead. Now, a tenner may return a pound. So, £5,000 could return in the region of £500. Not bad, considering it’s a sure thing. However, the unthinkable often happens within the betting world. A draw or a loss would result in you being £5,000 down. So, pick your sure-fire things carefully.

People aren’t so much making a living from football betting, but the wealthy, with the right kind of insight, are certainly making some money from football betting.

The most successful football bets?

Accumulators will usually pay out the most, with some of the biggest winners in history coming on the back of accumulator selections. The biggest win to come in for one lucky Londoner totalled £650,000, from a £100 stake. This acca took guts, with 20 minutes left this guy backed teams that were mainly losing to make late comebacks. Obviously though, they did just that.

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